Super Big News! Crash of Games is joining the Geek Chic Family!


Everett, Washington 2/24/16 – Crash Games is excited to announce that we have joined the Geek Chic Family. Crash Games Founder, Patrick Nickell had this to say about the announcement “To say that I’m excited about joining the Geek Chic Family is a gross understatement. I am elated to work with some of the most amazing geeks I’ve ever met in my life and they have quickly become like family.”

Patrick continued by pointing out the changes that people can expect moving forward. “The most important thing to communicate is that nothing is really changing for Crash Games other than we are ‘leveling up’ in a big way. While I will always be grateful and thankful for what Kickstarter did for me, and it did a lot, we will not be using crowd funding as a consistent business model in the foreseeable future. I am super excited about having a defined brand for the type of games we publish moving forward and for having a team of people to join me in our journey to bring games that unite friends and family by bringing them to the table.”

Crash of Games is an independent table top board game design, development and publishing company based in Everett, Washington. Crash of Games’ mission is to bring families and friends together through the social and engaging play of modern board games. The Board Game Industry has grown tremendously from beloved classics like Monopoly and Risk and seen a tremendous resurgence in independent publishing thanks to games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne. Crash of Games is set to publish six board games in 2016 to add to its existing catalog of 10+ games.

Crash Games, LLC was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 2011 by Patrick Nickell. Patrick Nickell has a background in radio broadcasting and journalism and has been published in The Arizona Republic, The Rim Country Gazette, as well as other print media and featured in a multitude of broadcast media.

Geek Chic was founded in Everett, Washington in 2008 and makes heirloom quality, custom, made to order furniture. Starting as only three fellas in a garage, it has grown to 40 employees and 40,000 square feet of shop.

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