People will often ask me what I do and believe it or not most of them don’t quite understand it. They think that because my name isn’t on the cover of the box that I had nothing to do with the game, which makes me laugh. I then go into a detailed explanation that I’ve become very good at and I say:

“You’re familiar with books and companies like Random House or Penguin Books yes? (Most of them say yes) Well I am like Random House. I find a designer that has what I believe to be a good game. My development team and I work to see if the game can be made better. Then I find an artist and a graphic design to illustrate and make the game look good and then I raise the funds to manufacture the game and then I have a distribution company that sells it to game stores and websites across the country.”

Many people nod when the speaker talks about his work making games, but it is unclear how many of them truly understand what he does. When he explains that his games are manufactured in China, the excitement or interest of some people wanes. Unfortunately, some people become angry and accuse him of taking away jobs from hardworking Americans who need them. The speaker then goes on to explain that supporting his company means more than just creating jobs in America; it also means creating jobs in China and helping to grow their economy. He further explains that by doing this, they are able to provide quality products at an affordable price. The speaker then concludes by emphasizing the importance of understanding the global economy and how it affects everyone.

I know that a lot of companies just like mine are asking people to support them financially with their hard earned money on Kickstarter, Amazon, Conventions and so many more places so I thought this would be a very good time to give people a very detailed explanation of what financially supporting Crash Games means.

Supporting Crash Games financially means that you are supporting my hopes and dreams of being able to provide for my family with something that I brought from an idea into a tangible, sell-able product.

  • You are supporting a designer who will earn royalties that I pay so that they can then use those funds to support their families.
  • You are supporting a graphic designer that I pay so that he can support himself, his wife and son.
  • You are supporting artists that I pay so that they can provide for themselves and their families in an industry that is EXTREMELY competitive.
  • You are supporting a manufacturing company that I know has a tremendous amount of integrity who is trying to support their families as well in addition to the multitude of people they sub contract work to.
  • You are supporting all of the small business that I use to print and make my promotional materials that are all based here in the USA and that employ workers who are trying to provide for their families.
  • You are supporting the multitude of people that put on conventions of which a good portion use to support their small companies that support their families.
  • Every hotel I stay at, every flight I book to travel to a convention, every meal I eat on the road are all staffed by people trying to earn a living and you are supporting all of them.

So please know that you are supporting a lot of people and every dollar you spend with Crash Games gets divided up to a lot of people that are just trying to keep their heads above water while living their dreams and earning a living. After all if we don’t have dreams what are we living for?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your financial support of Crash Games and the thousands of people that you support as a result.

Crash Games